Thursday, 27 September 2007


Have a look at the picture below, and put yourself in my shoes for a moment (I'm a size 6 - I hope they fit you. Ooh they look nice - they're definately your colour).


This mistreatment of an innocent member of the Monkey Army was perpetrated by my friends. If you were me, would you have felt comfortable about handing your beloved hand-knitted monkey over to said friends? Would you have been confident that they would take good care of him?

Seriously, just look at these reprobates:

(Mainly the one on the right)

On the plus side, they did seem very pleased with their gift, which probably counts for something. I suppose.

Happy, I think.

But even so, the monkey looked a little nervous when it was time to leave with them.


Equally, I was genuinely very sad to see him go. But I fully intend to steal him back eventually visit him often.

So, that was last night, and much fun was had by all. Unfortunately, today has really not been very nice. I've been feeling quite unwell with "Ladies' Issues", and work was pretty difficult - I don't know how they manage it, but I swear that teenagers' ability to be Hard Work is directly proportional to how grotty you already feel. Also, T'Other Half has gone away for a couple of days, so the flat feels a bit empty now I'm home. At a time like this, a girl really wishes her monkey was still around!

(Incidentally, with regards to the aforementioned Ladies' Issues, I am now convinced of the restorative powers of saturated fats - they get to the parts that paracetemol just cannot reach. This morning, pills didn't even take the edge off, and I was a hair's breadth away from telling my boss I needed to go home and hide under the duvet; but one bag of mini-cheddars later and I was heaps better. I tell you, I was almost weeping with relief. Should I inform the Lancet, or is this already widespread medical knowledge?)

But I digress. And so to finish on a more positive note:

Progress. Of sorts.


Monkee Maker said...

It's hard when "friends" don't understand the bond between and monkey and it's creator/owner. Therefore I find it's best not to have any. (Friends, not monkeys. Natch)

Hope you'll be feeling better soon, but mini Cheddars?? Are you sure? Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate, surely?

the vicious chicken said...

I know, I was surprised too, but they worked a treat. There was no chocolate to be had at work (it'd all been eaten yesterday on Wicked Wednesday). Thankfully there's some here at home - phew. Otherwise I'd probably be reduced to tears by now!

trashalou said...

Ha! Now you are just showing off! Size 6? I lie awake at night dreaming about being a size 6!

You are being very brave - on both the monkey and 'women's issues' fronts.

BTW you guys are too clever for words! How do you do the strikethrough, altering of font, colours of font, getting Flikr photoes to appear on your webpage and all the other groovy stuff you have. I want it too!

Nia said...

Glad to see the new monkey is coming along nicely. Looks like he's going to be a handsome devil!

As for women's stuff, may I also recommend the pain-relieving properties of Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

lauren said...

the monkey army minion incident does indeed give one pause. or in this case...paws... i am *not* sure these folks are cut out to be monkey-parents! i may have to notify the social services, just as a concerned citizen. or would that be the RSPC(K)A??! well, anyway, i am willing to drop the dime on them...just say the word...

with regard to ladies' issues...salty/fatty things ARE almost as good as chocolate. better yet are salty/fatty things FOLLOWED BY chocolate. ooh--might this be how the deepfried mars bar was invented? maybe scottish ladies don't have time for multi-snack scenarios?? ...interesting...

Tracy said...

they look nice.
good responsible monkee owners.
do not fear - visit often - and keep eating the chedders whilst knitting x
tracy x

Viv said...

Not sure if said friends are good monkee owners. *Not at all* sure. Don't let the nice demeanour fool you. I mean...look at what they did to that poor wee monkey soldier there.

On a side note, I came over via Monkee Maker's place. Love your blog. Oh, and soon I, too, will be creating monkey/es. I ordered yarn in the early morning today...I am weak, I know.