Friday, 28 September 2007

Hooray for Grans

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I had a nice picture of my Gran from the weekend, but I said I didn't think she'd like it posted on the Internet. Well, it turns out I was wrong - I spoke to her last night, and she actually seemed positively keen to get her face out there. So here she is:

My knitting hero (no, not the monkey)

She learned to knit at the age of three, by copying her mother, and has been doing so ever since. I don't think she'll mind me telling you that she's now 87 - so that's a lot of years of knitting. She taught me to knit, but I can't ever imagine being half as good as she is. Did I tell you guys that my Dad's side of the family are from Shetland? Perhaps not - but I have now. Anyway, she comes from a long line of Shetland knitters, and she always says she taught me to knit like a Shetlander too. I don't really know how that's different from any other knitting, apart from that she taught me to use a knitting belt, and I think there's something about how we hold the wires... but knitting styles seem to vary loads anyway, don't they? So maybe my Gran just says crazy things from time to time (I know I do, and I must get it from somewhere).

These days my Gran mostly makes these:

It's a cockleshell scarf made with 1-ply Shetland cobweb wool, and she knocks these out at a frightening rate - honestly, her hands are a blur. She makes them for a shop in Lerwick which sells traditional Shetland knitwear to tourists. If you're ever up there, do consider getting one. Apart from anything else, you might need it - it's quite brisk that far North. And I believe they're very reasonably priced :o)

So, today's post has been a little rambling - sorry about that - but I think my main point was just that Grans are great. Hooray for Grans.


trashalou said...

Your Gran is gorgeous! No wonder she wanted her face on the innernets.

Her talent and skill is amazing, that scarf is gorgeous. If I hadn't already started mine for the ISE5 I would dash up to Lerwick, buy one and pass it off as mine. See I really am mean and evil!

Viv said...

Indeed, your Gran is the epitome of gran-dom. Or (for the sake of a really lame pun) gran-deur. I wish I could say that about either of my late grandmothers, but both of them were..different. Very. Nuff said.
Would your Gran consider adopting a slightly mature German knitter?

lauren said...

gran-deur, indeed. that is definitely the word!!! both for the lovely woman in question, and for the amazing knitter she obviously is! (wouldja LOOK at that fine, fine, perfectly consistent, miraculous LACE??!) my eyes & wrists are half the age of hers...and i am not (nor shall i ever be, i suspect) one tenth the knitter! ~wow~ hooray for grans, definitely!

Cazzie said...

Love your Gran's scarf - fab :D