Friday, 14 September 2007

Favourite knitting spots

I was a bit stuck for something to blog about today, so I was pleased to discover Monkee Maker's proposed Social Networking Experiment that invited folks to share their favourite knitting spots.

Most of my knitting currently takes place here:

Scene of many knitting crimes

I like to sit on this end of the sofa, next to the big window. It's nicest on a sunny afternoon (best time of day for the angle of the sun to warm my toes without the light blinding my eyes!) but I usually knit in the evenings, if I'm watching TV. Unfortunately I have to fight for that side of the sofa, as T'Other Half seems to like it best too (yes, it's closer to the table that holds the TV remote).

Although I tend to knit at home most often, my favourite place to knit is the armchair by my Gran's fireplace, with her sitting on the sofa knitting too. That doesn't happen very often as she lives a long, long way away, but it is definately my happiest knitting spot. (So much so that I once took a photo of my Gran's empty living room so I could look at it when I'm not there. It's in my album of favourite pics. Weird? Yes, I think so. But I dont care. I took it pre-digital days, so I would need a scanner to post the picture, and I don't have one - lucky escape, guys, you're spared.)

Anyway, now I should get back to knitting, rather than just banging on about it here. Only T'Other Half is just home, so I may have missed out on the best sofa spot: damn.


Monkee Maker said...

Hurrah! I'm so well chuffed that you're the first (and possibly only) person to take part in my experiment, thanks for that!

Shame about your lack of a scanner, I'd love to see your Gran's living room - see? I told you I was nosey! - I'm guessing that she taught you your skills-of-knit?

I hope you're able to reclaim your rightful place on the sofa. (You could always deploy the monkey army if necessary.)

trashalou said...

Go the whole hog vicious chicken - threaten him with the whole evil Monkee Army!