Tuesday, 18 September 2007


No, I haven't made 8 more LWHs - just one, rather odd-looking one:

Dude, why are you smiling?? THERE'S AN OCTO-HAT TRYING TO EAT YOUR HEAD!!

I'm quite proud of this one as I designed it myself (well, ok, so there's not much to design - but I did work out how to space the tentacles. And in the process I learned that some numbers just don't want to be divided by 8.)

It looks a little strange on the monkey, but I think it looks ok on a little bottle (which is what it's for) - I hope so anyway. And given that Innocent want 400,000 LWHs, I'm hoping they'll adopt a 'beggars can't be choosers' kind of attitude...

Attention, Innocent - this is what you're getting, like it or not.

In the end it took me all evening to finish the little blighter off, although about 80% of the time was spent on the tentacles and on weaving in all the awkward little ends! So I may go back to simpler stripey hats for a while, to try and 'up' my production rate a bit.

That said, I do have visions of adapting the Octo-hat pattern slightly to create a jellyfish hat, by replacing the tentacles with something more 'floaty' - what do you think? Is it worth a shot?


Monkee Maker said...

Your LWH's are simply smashing! But how will you bear to give them away?? (Bearing in mind you have a whole monkey army whose heads are going to start getting pretty cold shortly.

the vicious chicken said...

Oh pants, I didn't think of that! And it is starting to get pretty nippy.

I have to give these LWHs away though, or else I'll feel mean. Supergran's needs are greater than the Monkeys'. But I feel guilty about the Army now... maybe I should make some extra LWHs once the Big Knit is over so that the little fellas won't freeze!

Fancy Pants said...

How cute is your octopus!!! Adorable

lauren said...

omg i'm soooooo loving your little hats, and this is totally my fave!!!

well done you--i don't recall vogue knitting or even the late great elizabeth zimmermann ever having so much as a chapter that dealt with tentacle placement!!!

i think a jellyfish hat would be VERY cool! you could maybe do a version of that "feather and fan" pattern that's sort of curvy and jelly-fish-ish? i say GO FOR IT! :)