Saturday, 8 September 2007


Last time I checked, I was not a chicken. Also, I'm not that vicious (too often). So why the blog name? Sadly, the explanation is not really very interesting - but I'm going to tell you anyway (kind, aren't I?)

Several years ago, I moved to Bristol. Not long before I was due to leave my old city, I watched the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail with some friends. At one point, the character Brave Sir Robin was said to have managed many feats of courage, including 'nearly standing up to The Vicious Chicken of Bristol' (you have to concentrate really very hard for this reference - blink and you miss it). For the rest of the evening, I was called 'the vicious chicken' by everyone, purely becasue I was soon to be 'of Bristol'. And it kind of stuck.

So there you go - nothing to do with farmyard animals, or my temperament - just a rather obscure reference to the city I still call home. Told you it wasn't that interesting.

But do tune in tomorrow, as I hope to be posting about something VERY exciting indeed.


Michaela said...

Love the monkeys and love the name. I think it's great to be a little bit odd in the name department. I'm just plain boring. I shall return to see tomorrow's exciting news!

Michaela said...

Unless your tomorrow is now my today, in which case I'll call in later.

Lucy Locket said...

Hello "new girl" - welcome to blogland! Looking forward to meeting some fully-limbed monkeys soon! From another fairly new girl too!

trashalou said...

ViciChick? Is this a variation of Vichysoisse? Perhaps made with carrots and rutabaga? Hmmmm.

Loving the made(ish) monkeys but feel that the armless, eyeless one may be leering with intent. Hurry and finish him before he teams up with Sobakowa (Crazt Aunt Purl) and obliterates all humankind :-@