Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Help spread the word (the word is "Arrrr")

Ahoy there, me hearties! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! An' I be wishin' all o' ye a proper swashbucklin' one, mateys. Arrrr.

If ye be wantin' to join in, 'tis easy enough for a landlubber to get into th' pirate spirit. Just start off wi' shiverin' yer timbers an' hoistin' yer main sails, an' ye'll be headin' in the right direction in no time.

***Brief non-pirate interlude #1: Admittedly, this is actually quite exhausting, and I think I may soon end up with a dislocated jaw from all these "arrrs". But still - it's quite good fun, honest. ***

I be heading off now in search of some grog. I also be plannin' to suck on a lime or two - got to keep th' scurvy at bay, arrr. If ye fancy joinin' me to sing some rousin' sea shanties later, I be easy to find - just ye look for the Jolly Roger out a-flyin', an' I'll be thar, shipmates! Yo ho ho!

Now be off with ye, ye old seadogs, else I'll make all o' ye walk the plank. Arrr.

Cap'n VC x

***Brief non-pirate interlude #2. If you're really only in it for the knitting, or if speaking like a pirate just doesn't do it for you, please don't worry - I can't keep this up for more than one day. Just ignore this post and do come back another time, when things will be back to normal (or at least as normal as it gets around here). ***


Katy said...

Arrrr, oi be sailing the seven seas when oi saw your blog, me hearty. Tis a fine looking blog, th' monkey do look like he would make a good cabin boy.

Did I just sound like I was from Somerset? Oh dear :(
Still - today was first visit and my first ever pirate attempt, I shall be back to visit again (but not as a pirate from Somerset):)

My Paper World said...

Hello Vicious chicken, I have taged you!-details on my blog.
As I was saying to Monkee maker, I have been taged and had to add 4 friends. As I have only been blogging for 2 weeks I am a bit of a billy-no-bloggin-mates!
You are one of the bloggers who I think will come up with some entertaining answers. So I really hope that you will be happy to join in. Thanks for your pirate post, you just reminded me that I must get ready for my date tonight with Captain Jack Sparrow!( In my dreams anyway!) Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, a pirates life for me!! ( you've got that going round my head aswell!)

paper-and-string said...

but I sound like that all the time!! (I beees from d'von u-no)
I LOVE your octopus hat, definately do a jelly fish!! can you do people size octopus hats or do you think i'd look silly???

Monkee Maker said...

Garrr - I's bettin you'm bin lisnin' to GWR a'for the sun was i in the sky, Jim-lad!

I sertched the briney depths and came across Davey Jones's locker .... but no Johnny Depp, sadly.

Now, where did I leave that bottle of vodka ...... I mean rum!?

Michaela said...

I work in a reception class and one day we were learning about the letter X. Short of things beginning with that letter, I came up with 'X marks the spot' and produced a treasure map. I told all these 4-5 year olds in my best pirate lingo that I used to be a pirate sailing the seven seas. They were enthralled, we ended up having a great pirate morning and learnt absolutely nothing about X!

Melissa said...

Well, I'm a little late, but arrrr, avast ye, matey! A fine day to be knittin' some arrrrgyle socks. Hope you had a great Speak Like a Pirate's Day!

chelemom said...

Arrr, ye are too funny!