Saturday, 22 September 2007

Gone Fishin'

Hello lads,

Just wanted to say "hi" to blogland and explain why the chicken coop has been a little empty for the last couple of days - I've gone away to see my family, so not much chance to blog. But I'll be back tomorrow and promise to post something more interesting then. As a teaser: I brought the monkey with me as a final fling before I have to give him away to his new owner (I did mention he was a wedding gift, didn't I? *sob*) and I'll take some pics of him on his travels for you to see. And by the way, I'm sorry about the fact that he is still just "the monkey" - I'm leaving the naming of names to the new owner.

(A quick aside - my Mum really likes the monkey. I mean, really likes him - she very nearly wouldn't give him back. So now I have to make another one - another one that I have to give away, no less! Grrrr.)

Anyway, the monkey sends his love.

VC x


Monkee Maker said...

Phew! I was sure I left a fairly abusive message early yesterday morning about your lack of posting so early on in your blogging career ..... must have still been hungover from the night before and deleted it. And thank goodness I did, because look! You have a perfectly legitimate excuse!

Hope you had a smashing time at the wedding and the happy couple thought "monkey" was by far and away the best gift. (well, why wouldn't they?)

And oh dear. You seem to have been struck down with the little known disease Compulsivemunkeyitis. It's interminable I'm afraid. I've been living with this disease for quite a few months now and the symptoms are quite debilitating. You'll see.

Oops. I seem to have waffled on somewhat. Sorry. I blame this petty little challenge I have with myself NOT to post every day. Hence the need to take over your comments.

I'll shut up now.

Apologies again.

lauren said...

you know, i remembered he was a wedding gift and i was thinking, "oh noooo...what will we do when she gives the monkey away??!"

...and i didn't realize it'd be so SOON, either... ach, monkey...we hardly knew ye! (no idea why i've gone scottish suddenly; sorry.)

you did explain to the happy couple that the monkey stars in a series of humorous adventures and has a HUGE fanbase on t'internet, right?!! :)