Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Busy Busy Busy

(Question: why did I just type 'busty' by mistake? Curious.)

Apologies in advance, but today's post is going to be a little on the skinny side as I have rather a lot of things to juggle this evening. Really I shouldn't post at all, as it will all just be tripe and drivel, but I felt like I ought to turn up and say 'Hi!' so that my chicken didn't think I'd forgotten it. (Who knew blogging would be such a responsibility? It almost feels like having a pet.)

NBM has had a bit of a rubbish day, so we are attempting to cheer her up with the baking of chocolatey things. So, I'm off to help with some weighing and stirring (I'm especially good at stirring). And after that, if I get time, I might try to squeeze in a few rows of knitting... after all, that monkey isn't going to finish himself.

Over and out, lads, VCx


Monkee Maker said...

Mmmm, were said chocolatey things in the stylee of Michaela's delish chocolatey things?? In that case I'll be round! (6.30 isn't too early to receive guests is it?)

And talking of monkey knitting - did you do any? - can you believe the speed of Viv?? I'm beginning to panic!

trashalou said...

Has the gauntlet been thrown? Are we on notice to time our k-nitticating? Oh!

(Where is that stopwatch!?)

the vicious chicken said...

MM - yes, the chocolatey things are the very same (although we might not have made them as well as Michaela does, being novices to the recipe and all). Come on over!

And on the monkey front - there was no knitting, but there was a little sewing up. I shall say no more for the time being. (I know, you can barely contain your excitement, can you?)

Trashalou - watch this space. I may yet do a straw poll of knitting speeds. Although I worry I'd come out of it as freakishly slow...

Viv said...

Nnnnoooooooo!!! Don't start a race...see, I *can* knit up a storm when obsessed with finishing a project (such as them monkeys), but I am also known as the queen of procrastination once a project lost its..erm..appeal?

Once out of love with something, I'm the world's slowest knitter. Honest!. Not to mention my severe bouts of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Oh, and give me a deadline and my knitting slows down considerably as well. You see...I'm not all *that* fast. Really, I'm not.

Melissa said...

Chocolately things and a little sewing up? How enticing! (Why does this look a little odd when I re-read it? Oh, well.)