Sunday, 7 October 2007

News flash

Remember this monkey?

Well, I am so over him now. Becasue guess what?

There's a new monkey on the block!

Introducing: Delaware

Yes, I finally managed to complete him. He seems quite pleased to have limbs at last:


You'll be glad to hear that he's already settling in very well. He's been welcomed as a honorary member of the Monkey Army:

Reporting for duty

And the little fellas took quite a shine to him when he agreed to play hide-and-seek with them:


They have truly appalling hiding skills, but Delaware was a good sport, and pretended it was difficult to find them. (Incidentally, the one in the Octohat appears to have been labouring under the misapprehension that if he couldn't see, then he couldn't be seen. Monkeys: cute, but definately not Brains of Britain.)

Delware would like to remind everyone that there is still plenty of time to take part in the KSSP. Just go here and leave a comment with your knitting speed, and there might even be a prize in it for you. (The prize won't be Delaware, though - I really can't go through the pain of monkey-separation again.)


Nia said...

LOVE the monkey hide-and-seek! Especially the one hiding in a mug x

P.S. Delware is gorgeous!

trashalou said...

Yay for the bravery of Vicious Chicken. Another monkey to replace... ummm... somebody?!

Long may your monkey love continue.

Monkee Maker said...

Hey! Glad to see you now have a monkey of your very own .... nice colours - they're my favourite too :)

Hope you and Delaware will be very happy together x

ps. I love Cluedo - that's an excellent idea!

Studio Christine said...

will he now become leader of the free (monkey) world?

...or os he just a 'grunt' in the monkey army?

LOL @ hide 'n' seek

Viv said...

I adore Delaware! And I think the monkey army have fantastic camouflageing skills. For the standards of knitted wee monkeys, that is.

I ventured to a hobby supplies shop this weekend to buy beady little monkey eyes and filling material. Monkey knitting will be resumed after some "grown-up" kntting, ui.e. birthday prezzies, cardis, sweaters etc., has made some visible and palpable progress.

lauren said...

...DELAWARE...?! he's undeniably gorgeous, if oddly named! (will the next two be mary, and virginia?) :)

ps: there's a monkee under the octohat??! are you SURE????! *i* don't see one!