Thursday, 11 October 2007

A confession

Ok. So. Here's the thing: I went into the shop with every intention of only getting a small gift for NBM. Every Intention.

But then something happened.

I saw this:

I ask you, how could I not bring that home with me? There are just so many things I love about him. For a start, he's just so tiny:

Delaware included for scale purposes only

And what's more, he can hang upside down from radiators!

Party trick

Which - I'm sure you'll agree - makes him very useful indeed, and obviously I NEEDED to get him. *Ahem.* (And just in case you were wondering: I got him as well as NBM's gift, not instead of. So things could have been worse.)

Anyway, there's one last day left before the KSSP draws to a close, so if you haven't entered yet, then now's the time! And if you have entered already, then do pop along tomorrow to see if you have won the fantabulous surprise prize (extra points to anyone who can say that when drunk).

And just finally: thanks to everyone who left a nice comment yesterday for the NBM and myself. You're all very kind :o)


My Paper World said...

Aaaaaah! love him, he's so cute!

Random Reflections said...

Nice new monkey. But do you know, looking at Delaware, he looks a bit dejected and as though he feels a bit sidelined. I think you should therefore give me Delaware so that he feels loved again. Please send him immediately so that he doesn't get caught in the post strike.

I am sitting by my letterbox waiting.

No pressure.

lauren said...

...sorry...i did HAVE a witty & pertinent comment to make about how adorable and teeny is said small simian, and how sweet of you to buy northern baking monkey a new baby monkey...and then i read random reflections' work of evil genius and it's been wiped clean out of my brain! :)

(ps: no, clearly i had *not* entirely thought through the implications of plugging the KSSP with regard to making my own odds plummet like...a thing that plummets rapidly...OOF!...i just feel silly now...)

lauren said...

...hi, i'm back...not that i've suddenly become coherent in any way, but b/c i noticed you put me on your blog list link thingie! how cool is that?! thank you!!! :)

Monkee Maker said...

Oh the cuteness! Hmm. Great party trick. Note to self : investigate the possibility of hiding magnets in stunt monkee arms. Or faces. Or bottys.

trashalou said...

Monkee Maker, please put magnets in bottys.

Monkee Maker said...

In answer to your question .... and trahalou was kind of on to something .... here is my three point plan for rapid monkee production :-

All housework and chores ignored?

Hubby and kids neglected?

Obsessive compulsive monkee knitting commenced?

So you see? It's really quite simple :)