Tuesday, 16 October 2007

No ideas today...

... so I thought I'd post this work of genius:

If you haven't seen it before, I do hope you enjoyed it. We like it loads in our house (although the members of the Monkey Army tend to have nightmares about the "boil wash", so we have to be a bit careful that they don't see it too often).

And if you have seen it before, then perhaps you enjoyed seeing it again. My apologies if not.


trashalou said...

Ha Ha Ha. Loving the bit where the Monkee Muzzle is squooshed!

How come they don't show these ads down'Durzet'? I haven't seen any.

Random Reflections said...

Oh yes, we like Mr PgTips monkey - and they have just started reshowing the advert where they have a discussion on what is in the tea, which includes a seahorse.

I have never found a seahorse in my tea.

I am deciding whether to ask for my money back.

lauren said...



ok, i liked the other one...the seahorse one...but this...!!! this should win a bafta, surely?! hey--come to think of it--they've just given out those "nobel" thingies...how did THIS not win??!

brb--just have to nip over to sweden and smack a few judges around! won't take long!

("nooooooo! not the boil wash!!!!!!!!" it's brilliant, i tell you!)

Zoebert said...

We don't get these ads in America, but I have seen them before on YouTube (I think you site was where I got the link for them last time).

They are fun to watch(I'me fun if you are not of the knitted variety).

Monkee Maker said...

Ah yes, the seminal PG Tips ad.

Stunt Monkees. The possibilites are endless.

Working Mom Knits said...

That is FANTASTIC! (don't have it here in the USA) Going to youtube right now to get the link - my SIL will love this.