Friday, 12 October 2007


I'm bowing to public pressure and posting pictures of the KSSP prize.

The prize was inspired by the Monkey Army, who like nothing better than a nice sit down with a cuppa and something chocolatey. So they thought the prize ought to be a mug that extols the virtue of cake:

... and the Army also suggested that I pop in this little magnetic effigy of them:

They hoped that the winner might want to place it somewhere about their home as a reminder to have a nice sit down with a cuppa and some cake as often as possible. (They would always have tea with their cake, but they don't mind if the winner would like to substitute an alternative beverage of their own choice.)

The prize was also going to include some cake (NBM offered to bake something especially), but what with the possible delay for post at the moment, it will probably have to be something else chocolately instead - something that keeps fresh for a bit longer. Because stale cake is a rubbish prize, by anyone's standards.


trashalou said...

See. Now I want to join in with the next competition. Err, should there be another of course.

Monkee Maker said...

Simply smashing!

Please please PLEASE publish that monkey face pattern :)

Tracy said...

take time out to be ill and look what i miss...
happy Anniversary to you both x
glad you enjoyed the Gu
love the monkee magnet thingy's
great prize - shame about the cake - darn that postal strike
cannot wait to see the graph

over and out

tracy x

lauren said...

now THAT was a really, really *GOOD* prize! the monkee army are not just a bunch of eerily identical pretty faces then, eh?! ...i say this even without the inclusion of NBM's cake...which was a very nice offer...but yeah...stale cake... (shuddery noise) :)