Sunday, 28 October 2007

Grand News!

Obviously, you'll be pleased to hear that I'm back - but no, that is not the grand news of which I speak.

This, my friends, is a far, far grander thing:

A tiny new PG monkey!
(Monkey Soldier included on right of picture for scale purposes only.)

Yes! It is true: those kind folk at PG Tips are once again giving away little monkeys with their family-sized boxes of tea. Hooray! And this time, they have tiny wee suckers on their arms. Which means they can perform acrobatic stunts such as this:

Getting into position...

... and lift! Ta-da!

Special thanks to Shifter for agreeing to stick a tiny monkey in his mouth. Although I'll be honest - I didn't give him much choice. (Sorry, I don't think you've met Shifter before. He's normally quite camera-shy. But I'll introduce you now: Dear Blog Reader, Shifter; Shifter, Dear Blog Reader. Oh, but could you remember to call him General Shifter when the Monkey Troops are around, please? It helps keep them in line. Ta.)

Next I'm planning to teach him how to shoot the littlies out of a cannon. Which I think will be fun for everyone.

Anyway, moving on. In case you were wondering, we had a lovely holiday - but I will save the news and pictures for another day, as I need to go and unpack now. And then watch Top Gear.

Bye for now, VCx


Monkee Maker said...

Hmm. Not sure if you're aware that the clocks have gone back. It's just that Top Gear isn't on til 8. (I know these things) And it's only 5 to 7. But hey, maybe you have lots of stuff to unpack.

Anyway, Hurrah! You're back!! And I'm so jealous that you have a teeny tiny PG monkeh! I haven't seen them anywhere yet .... see, that's what happens when you do your food shopping at your local Spar.

Hope you both had a fab time this week :)

the vicious chicken said...

Ah, well: let me explain. I am intelligent enough to remember that the clocks have gone back, but I'm not intelligent enough to remember what time Top Gear is on: I thought it was 7. Oops. Egg on my face.

Good luck in tracking down a tiny monkey, MM - I got mine in a Tesco near NBM's folks' house, which was AS BIG AS A VILLAGE (I kid you not). Think Eastville squared. *Shudder*

OK, better stop clogging up my own comments now...

Melissa said...

Welcome back! Between you being on vacation and MM going cold turkey, it's been a long, sad, monkee-less week...

Alas, if only one could get ones paws on PG Tips on this side of the pond. I like how agile the little suctions cups make the mini-monkees!

trashalou said...

sknowwJust back from holiday too (no rain in Dublin - who knew?!).

Piccolini primates prop patheic parliamentarian's primacy.

trashalou said...

Obviously typos on previous - should have read 'piccolini primates prop pathetic parliamentarian's primacy.'

Kae said...

Welcome back :D

Gotta love the teeny tiny monkees :D One of them has already made it to my house, with a few more soon to follow :D Not missing out this time!!!


lauren said...

yes, i too deplore the lack of (any sized) PG monkehs on these shores! we don't have any monkeh cannons either...tho without the monkehs, the monkeh cannons would not be of much use, now would they?

however we do get "top gear" on bbc america now & it has been known to make me laugh until my spleen has swollen to 14 times its normal size.

HEY!!! i thought today's monkeh tableau seemed vaguely familiar: the big one has managed to inveigle the smaller ones into great peril, using his mouth??! OOF! i get it! it's a top gear metaphor!!! BRILLIANT!!! :)

Tracy said...

you are home
and with new monkees
life is once more
tracy x

Working Mom Knits said...

Those mini-monkeys are too cute! Exactly how big it is "family size" box 'o tea? Just wondering if I can find it in the World Market here (I know that they carry the PG brand). AND, just incase you are wondering, I have sent that monkey commercial to almost everyone I know - it is hysterical!

ps: check out Monkee Maker - being off the blog has given her time to become the time-change police : ) (xoxo MM!)

Michaela said...

I missed Top Gear last night - was it any good? But I did watch the motor biking programme - Long Way Down - with the ever gorgeous Ewan McGregor in it. And that was great. All those men with big machines between their legs...

Melissa said...

Is it too late to take you up on your offer? I'd love it (if it's not too late - blasted time difference!). You can reach me through to discuss further. Thanks!

lauren said...

arrrgh i've just left--or thought i left--a long comment...and it didn't show up... (i wonder if i used up ALL the available space on t'internet?!) ...i hope it doesn't come on TWICE now! :(

but in case it really did get lost:
i would genuinely *LOVE* a teeny monkeh! (you are unbelievably kind to offer!!!) can we swap for something? can i send you something american? is there anything for which NB/BM retains a hankering from her delawarian adventures?? ...just say the word...!!!

ps: nuts? *MOI*??! idea what you're talking about! :) :) :)


psss: of all the chickens in bristol, you are BY FAR the least vicious...but don't worry...i won't tell anyone!

psssss: my email is

Working Mom Knits said...

VC - do I need to give the "girlfriend, you are over-extending yourself!" lecture*? I keep reading posts from folks who are gratefully accepting your offer to find/send them a mini-monkee. You are going to be up to your ears in PG Tips. We all love a generous friend, but


(You've committed to 480 teabags as of my last accounting. Just saying.)

A Concerned Mommy

*I have personally received/disregarded this lecture on numerous occasions.

Studio Christine said...

thank you VC...

I hve just emailled a store in Australia that has PG Tips tea, and asked if they stock the correct sized box that has a MONKEY in it.

I think I have just gotten MORE insane (long story)