Friday, 19 October 2007

The magic roundabout

No, not that one; this one! It's a roundabout in Cardiff, and those confusing-looking things in the middle are sculptures made from roadsigns - or perhaps replicas thereof. And, apparently, it is known locally as the magic roundabout.

We saw it last weekend when we were travelling into Cardiff, but sadly I was not armed with a camera at the time, so unfortunately I don't have an image of it with which I could liven up this post. But anyway, we both thought it was quite groovy, albeit in a rather surreal way.

I've just had a look at the blog post preview thingy, and this looks very short and not very exciting. But I'm afraid that's it for today, as it's been a loooong week and I can't think of anything else interesting. (Also, the flat is quite cold so I think my brain has gone into hibernation mode. Now, I know what you are thinking: "why don't you put on a thermal vest? Or perhaps turn the heating on?" Well, clever-clogs, I will tell you. Firstly, I'm already wearing two cardis and a scarf, indoors, and if I wrap up any warmer I will begin to resemble the Michelin Man. This is not a sexy look. Secondly, I don't know how to turn the heating on, becasue the heating is controlled by a fiendish panel that has little buttons and goes beep, and I am stupid with most things of that ilk. In my defence - and I know that this is the lamest excuse since excuses were invented - the boiler panel is new since last winter, so I haven't had to use it before. Boiler #1 was one of the many casualties of the lightning incident, which was very frustrating as I'd only just learned how to operate it. But to return to your original question: vests and heating are clearly both ridiculous suggestions, and if you had any sense you would have proposed that I drink a warming cup of tea. But you'll know that for next time, won't you?)

Oooh and now look - I've waffled on so much about why the post is short, that it has become quite long. But, alas, no more interesting or exciting. Must try harder.


Monkee Maker said...

Why don't you try lighting a small fire? You've already had the lightning strike so a small flat fire won't really surprise the insurers, now will it?

(and by "small flat fire" I don't mean to imply that your flat is small)

I've seen that roundabout! RGH tells me that it doesn't look quite like that picture anymore though, sadly.

Hope you have a happy, warm weekend :)

trashalou said...

hmmmm. perhaps a b+?

Hope your weekend gets warmer. I'm off to bed in half a minute b/c I am off at dark'o'clock to get Sylv.

Zoebert said...

And yet, we read all the way to the end, hanging on your every word. I guess we really aren't... what did you call us - "clever-clogs".


Time to snuggle up with someone and share a little body heat! Hope your weekend warms up.

Melissa said...

I find roundabouts intimidating in that I'm-American-and-I-don't-drive-
much-anyway kind of way. Cool sculptures, though!

Hope you warm up soon. I'd suggest sticking your cold toes in someone else's warm armpits - for some reason, the Husband just never took to this idea. I don't really understand why - it seems like such an efficient method of heat re-distribution.

Random Reflections said...

That roundabout looks like something you'd find at Legoland.

You may return one day and find that it is signless one day though, based on this bbc story.

As for the heating, is there not a button that just says 'on'? I'm not very 21st century though so that is probably too obvious for thme to have included. At least you'll save a fortune in heating bills, but may not make it through the winter of course...