Tuesday, 2 October 2007


It's been a week since the monkey trundled out the door. He hasn't called; he hasn't written. They grow up so fast. *Sniff*.

So, for me and anyone else who may be missing him (ok, ok, it's mainly for me), here's a stock photo of happier times:

Road trippin'

Farewell, monkey. Farewell.

Before I go, I must just also tell you this: T'Other Half, being a massive fan of the TLA (three letter acronym), hereafter wishes to be referred to as NBM (Northern Baking Monkey). It was her choice, honestly. Clearly, the monkey-obsession is spreading... Hooray!


Monkee Maker said...

I feel I must protest in the strongest possible way .... those monkeys aren't strapped in! I hope the Northern Baking Monkey was!

And I'm saying NOTHING about the imminent or possibly in-imminent (it is just me or is that impossible to say?) opening of a monkee shop. NOTHING.

Apart from this ..... you don't need a monkee - you have your own. And you used to have two until you wrecklessly gave one away (oops, didn't mean to open up the wounds again, honest)

trashalou said...

It's okay MM. They were above the government's required height for booster seats. That car is being drven by a giant!

the vicious chicken said...

Remind me, MM... just how many monkeys do you have now? ;o)

Seriously though, my monkeys are merely poor imitations - yours are the original and best :o)

Sorry to keep badgering you about a monkee shop though. I'll stop now *sheepish look*

Viv said...

Oh, VC - your monkeys are lovely. Mine on the other hand are either something more reminiscent of a sheep and one purple, complete and utter failure that will be ripped and forgotten tomorrow. I'll start over tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just forget about knitting a *proper* monkey (i.e. one that actually looks monkey-ish) and get back to elaborate sweaters, intricate lace shawls and flatterind cardigans. Those I *can* knit. Monkeys I can't. I'm a monkey failure.

Monkee Maker said...

You guys! Stop with the "whose monkey is worse" competition! Did you not see No's 1, 2 and 3?? (Let's just say I win!)

And VC, please don't stop the shop jibes ..... it's the incentive I need to get off this gert big lazy backside of mine and do something about it!

trashalou said...

MM, surely not so *gert big* - you did cycle to Cheddar and home again. Didn't you?

(Perhaps it was a stunt M.M.! I feel we should be told.)