Tuesday, 9 October 2007

It's all in the name

Public announcement: this post will contain absolutely no subliminal messages whatsoever.

Right. So. Let me explain why "Delaware": yes, it is after the state, but only in a roundabout way. NBM lived there for a year, so we were talking about it, and I just liked how it sounded (the word that is: not necessarily the place. Sorry to any Delawarians who might be reading.) Anyway, I suggested it, and it just kind of stuck. A happy accident, if you will. And afterwards, one of my more geeky friends pointed out that Delaware is known as the first state, and Delaware was my first monkey (a quick fact for accuracy-lovers, now: he wasn't the first to be completed. But he was the the first one started, so technically - technically - still the first.)

Go here and enter the KSSP

Anyhoo, that said, the Newlyweds took the idea and ran with it, and I can now exclusively reveal that their green monkey (my other crack at monkey-making, for anyone who is new to the chicken) now sports the fine moniker, "Indiana". I *really* wish I'd thought of that one first myself - I could've had a whale of a time making a monkey-sized fedora and bullwhip for Indiana-Jones-stylee shenanigans... the *fun* I missed out on! Still, never mind.

Go here and enter the KSSP

On the plus side, I now have an incentive to knit at least another 48 woolly simians! Ambitious, yet entirely sensible, I feel. No?

My vision. And this is only the beginning.


Monkee Maker said...

Alright already! I've entered! Twice!!

Anyhoo. Please please please .... I need you to tell me IMMEDIATELY (or as quickly as you can possiblly type it) HOW you did that FABULOUS mosaic.

I'm sorry that I keep using you for your technical skills but you know .... you're just better than me.

Was it anything to do with flickr?

And eeeeuuuuuwwwww monkey porn - I so hadn't thought of that. But will do now. Probably in the dead of night.

And about that whole missing out on the Indiana thing? Shame. But surely a girl of your calibre can come up with something witty for Delaware??

jesi said...

Let me know if Indiana needs anything! How can I not help a fellow Hoosier out (if only in name)?

trashalou said...

Love me some artwork. If the Damien Hirst spots get gazillionty US$ and someone else does the actual work - I see a big future for Vicious Chicken Artproducts Inc.

Random Reflections said...

When the monkeys take over the world, I will know who to blame...

Monkee Maker said...

Why Thank you kindly for that.

Your (or possibly NBM's?) IT prowess staggers and amazes me. And a less generous person might charge for these how-to-do-it gems on a consultancy basis.

Then obviously I'd have to ask someone else :)

Melissa said...

The fedora and bullwhip would make a nice anniversary present - just a thought. (Oh, and doesn't that look dodgy as a standalone comment, now that I'm re-reading it? Oh, well.)

paper-and-string said...

that mosaic needs REALLY needs to be turned into wallpaper :-) how great would that be!!

Tracy said...

i'm crackin up here about Delaware. My inlaws live in Delaware (i'm in not-so-far-away Virginia - now THAT'S a good name for a girl monkey - i'm just sayin) Not your most fabulous state of the union - but they've got some nice beaches! :-)

lauren said...

so northern baking monkeh was once a mid-atlantic baking monkeh?! (i've permanently got the johnny vegas voice in my head now.)

another cool fact about delaware: they have no sales tax (u.s. version of VAT)...so what you've got there is a monee-saving monkee! :)

btw, when you get around to knitting "jersee monkee" she should have really BIG hair, lots of gold jewelry and outlandishly long french-manicured acryllic fingernails. (sort of a gorgeous simian version of carmella soprano!)

i'm relieved to hear my knitting speed is not completely off the map; as is LHJ...since i was threatening to *TEACH* him how to knit...in order that i could be faster than SOMEONE besides the drummer in def leopard! (sorry; that's the last one-armed-knitter joke, promise!) talk about FEELING fast--i was flyyyyyying along to get 25!!! i bet under normal conditions i am even slower than that! sheesh.