Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Holidays - Part 2

I actually got a little bit out of order yesterday (in a chronological sense, not in an Eastenders "you're aahht of ordah! Now get aahht of my pub!!" sort of way).

You see, before visiting the sea zoo, we were very, very touristy indeed.

We went to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch! (phew - it just took me about five minutes to type that. And I still can't be sure I've got it right.)

What's that you say? You want photographic proof? Well, ok then - I can oblige!

Comedy photos a-plenty round these parts!!

Sorry it's a bit small, and not very good quality - but I did my best. You can see it bigger if you click on it.

That was the highlight of the trip, really - I mean, it doesn't get any better than elbowing past seven coachloads of people in order to look at a ridiculously large train-station sign and take pictures of a tumbling monkey, right?

Seriously, though, Llanfair was fun, but weird. It's a tiny place with little besides a train station and a shop / tourist information place, but there's HEAPS of tourists. Apparently the record number of coaches parked in the carpark at one time was 48 (according to the nice man at the wool shop - yes, the wool shop! There's a wool shop as well as the train station and the touristy place! Bonus! I only saw it as we were leaving, but I nagged the NBM until she agreed to re-park and let me out to have a little look. Purely for research purposes, you understand. Or at least, it was, until I discovered that there was a sale on. Double Bonus!)

Anyway, moving on.

The last thing I have to show-and-tell was our visit to Conwy Castle. Wilmington made a desperate big for freedom and tried to scale the castle wall...

... But I didn't let him get away. And I made sure I kept a pretty firm grip on him when we were at the top of the tallest turret, too:

"Eep - what is it with this woman and heights?"

And that's it on our holiday-ette. Except for just one last picture, because Delaware wanted to have the last word from atop these fab his 'n' hers thrones:

Monkey and Monarchy


trashalou said...

All hail King Delaware!

Monkee Maker said...

Truly magnificent holiday snaps there, missy! I'm loving that train station one immensley .... and the castle ones .... oh and the throne one. Heck, they're all fab!

Shame you didn't get one of the wool shop though, for those saddos like me in the audience :(

Melissa said...

So, did you buy anything at the wool shop? Enquiring minds want to know.

I feel sorry for the schoolchildren of Llanfair having to learn how to spell that - must take a while.

lauren said...

as far as said amazin' welsh beautyspot name goes: spell it??! heck i'm still tryin' to *READ* it!!! i've got the "llanfair" bit at the beginning, but then it's all a bit of a blur until "go-go-goch" which i think should be the default suffix for all place names--soooooo much more interesting than "town" or "ville" or "burg"!! :)

the monkeh-tumbling pics are superb, btw! as are all of 'em, o'course, but those are especially nice! oof, it occurs to me that somewhere in blogland at least one of your fellow visitors to lanfairsomethingsomethinggogogoch must be, even as we speak, posting pics of *their* trip...which include people posing knitted tumbling monkehs under signs, wahey!:)

(ps: count me as another vote for a report on sale-yarn aquisitions!)

(pss: i'd love a cup of tea...if you have enough teabags...) ;)

Zoebert said...

What a trip to be had!! Monkeys, sea-zoos, and royalty. Who could ask for anything more.

Love the castle pictures. It reminds me of my trip to Ireland 4 years ago. We went to the castle that had the Blarney Stone (yes we kissed it). It was amazing just how small the castle really was.

Would also have liked to see more pictures of the beautiful Llanfairalphabetsaboundinthisnamegogogoch. It sounds like a charming place.