Saturday, 20 October 2007

Guest post - The Adventures of Delaware, Part 1

Greetings, welcome to a short interlude from the normal knitting-based proceedings, courtesy of VC letting me (NBM) loose on her blog while she is otherwise engaged - woo! (VC of course shall maintain full editorial control.)

I shall be brief, but will enthuse about my favourite subject at the moment, bikes of the motorised variety (as opposed to those of the leg powered and lycra clad bottom variety, MM ;) )

I thought the monkeys might need introducing to the new bike I'll be riding which is named Horatio (by NBB - Northern Biking Brother. I refer to Horatio as "the Beast") so this afternoon we let Delaware play with some supervision:

Can I have a go on my own yet? Pleeeeease...

As you can see he was ready and raring to go, tucked up behind the fly screen, but he couldn't quite reach all the controls so he had to have some help from me. I think the stunt monkees may have a rival... but don't tell them, I don't want to be responsible for a dare war between the two monkey armies - eek!

Anyway, after that Delaware was all worn out and had to come back inside for a nice cup of tea... and to plot his next adventure.

Bye for now,

NBM xx


trashalou said...

Now then young'un, you've only just got that nice crinkly paper licence. Don't go throwing it away on a quick thrill and a fast ride with that cheeky monkee!

(Obviously all said in a groof Noorthun accent)

Monkee Maker said...

Hurrah! For lots of things Hurrah!!

A picture of one of you .... I'm assuming NBM, although it could be some subterfuge and really it's VC in the helmet. That could after all explain why you're doing the post today, NBM; maybe VC's head is that tiny bit bigger than yours and inadvertently got stuck in it. No, actually scrub that .... she'd still be able to type after all.

Hurrah! for seeing the young Delaware out in the fresh air .... it's been noted that he hasn't yet been pictured outside of the flat - these monkeys do need a bit of outside time for their health you know. Please get him out in public more often. Thank you.

And HURRAH!!! For being reminded how pert RGH's botty looks in Lycra - even though I saw it in the flesh .... kinda .... this very afternoon.

So just a really big HURRAH!!! all round then.

ps. I've been out tonight but wine hasn't been involved - I had to drive, sadly - so there really is no excuse for all this waffle.


pps. Good job on the guest blogging slot .... Hurrah!!

Nia said...

LOL! Love the pic! Looks like he's a natural....

Melissa said...

NBM - you look like a super cool biker chick to me! Congratulations on your license. One of my favorite tee-shirt slogans happens to be bike-related: "If you can read this, my old lady fell off." (Okay, it was actually a ruder phrase than "old lady", but I don't wish to offend delicate monkee ears.) I know: it's awful, it's not politically correct - but it still makes me laugh.

VC - we appear to be in sync. I just received your comment seconds ago!

Random Reflections said...

Hey NBM - nice post. However, shouldn't the monkey have a little monkey helmet on??

lauren said...

ooooooooooooh awesome motorbike/monkee combo post! well done, NBM!!!

clearly NBB needs some help in the "devising cool names for stuff" department, so may i suggest, in preference to "horatio": dover, newark, new castle, lewes, harrington, rehoboth...? ...and there are i've got 49 other states on which to draw, just in case a delaware-based moniker s not to his liking! :)