Thursday, 18 October 2007

Mixed feelings

So, today the NBM did a very clever thing and passed her motorbike test.

Well done, NBM!

Naturally, I am very proud of her achievement, especially as I know that it means a lot to her: it seems to have been her dream since birth (at least) to don the leathers. (No, not in a dodgy way. Honestly, some of you have minds in the gutter.)

However, I do have mixed feelings about her new ability, for the following reasons:

1) Bikes are often big and fast, and their riders quite exposed.

2) Motorbiking thus seems like a more dangerous activity than sensible hobbies, such as knitting (although knitters do need to be careful if they're using really pointy wires, obviously).

3) I am quite attached to the NBM and don't want her to get hurt.

But she has all the right safety gear, and she's promised me that she'll be very careful, so I suppose it'll be ok. (If you happen to be driving in Bristol and you see her, could you be extra-cautious too, please? Ta.)

Now that she has the licence, I fully expect that she will want to drag me round motorbike showrooms while she drools and lusts over what she would get if only we could afford it (at last, a silver lining to being quite poor!) I will have to start practising my insightful comments about the relative merits of different machines: "that one's lovely and shiny", or "how many horse-powers does this one have?", or "ooh, this one's nice: it's the right colour to match your helmet". I know: I'm such a petrol-head.

I do have a secret plan to put her off, though. I could make her one of these, and then she'd be too embarrassed to go out on it! Sorted.


Monkee Maker said...

Ooh ooh, did she have a hunky instructor called Darren "Daz" (a much more appropriate biker's name, obviously) when she took her test??

I only ask as he passed me on my CBT a couple of years ago and I had a teeny tiny crush on him. I think it was those leathers. And the twinkle in his eyes. Or possibly just the leathers *sigh*

And oh my god I've done it again! Waffling on about ME, when what I really meant to say was ....

WELL DONE NBM!!! Sorry! .... but you will be very very careful won't you??

And VC, hope you've picked yourself out a groovy helmet for all those pillion trips :)

Monkee Maker said...

Oh yes, and I dare you to knit one of those ..... or possibly even just a nice knitted (possibly bobbly) cover, to keep the bike lovely and warm :)

trashalou said...

Please knit one of those. I even have some lovely sparkly yarn you could use for the chromey type bits.
I would be ever so grateful if you actually would start soon because I am hoping you could get it done for CHRISTMAS.

Oh and by the way

Northern Baking Monkey

Northern Biking Monkey said...

Thanks for congrats MM and trashalou, am very happy and considering re-monikering myself as Northern Biking Monkey - woo yeah!

NBM xx

trashalou said...

Oh yes! Loving Northern Biking Monkey. Retaining the familiar TWA but altering the definition. Genius!

Working Mom Knits said...

Good Golly - that's alotta yarn!Your *real* motivation being to spend all of the gas money on yarn (genius, you!)

Congrats NBM!

ps: loving the re-defined moniker!

Katy said...

NBM - well done, but drive very slowly and very carefully, no showing off round corners please.

VC - will NBM be getting a side car for your trips out? I think it's a must!!!!

Zoebert said...

NBM - Good job, but a word of warning- riding motorcycles , and exposing yourself, don't go well together. I mean I don't mind - hey, live and let live I always say. But I know there are those out there that frown on the antic of those sort!


lauren said...


...sorry, i was distracted by the motorbike cozy...(snort, snort, guffaw)...sorry, i *am* trying to regain my (HAHAHAHA!!!) composure...that's better...

what i meant to say was, "well done, NBM!!!" ooooooh now, she is a northern baking AND BIKING monkeh!!! we need to get her another "b"...and perhaps an ampersand...for xmas! :)

(oof i've read the comments...and she's already re-named herself...i just feel silly now...)